MDF Skirting Boards – A Complete Study

MDF skirting boards offer a wide range of advantages that make them hard to resist and they give the wood feel as well.


· The wide range of designs available suit every home and décor.

· Finishing could be customized to your needs.

· Primed and sanded to perfection.

· Various thicknesses are available

· There is a waterproof option.

· The boards could be bated – hollowed from behind.

· They are cheap and easy to install.

· Customizable lengths so you don’t need to join.

· Moisture resistant

Products available

· Waterproof decoration material

· Corniche skirting for floor décor Moulding

· Wood design skirting

· Eco-friendly wood plastic composite wall skirting.

· Environmental protection waterproof laminated skirting

· Waterproof cheap outdoor flooring

· Polished marble skirting for using with interior wall décor

· White primed skirting Moulding for home décor

· Durable stainless-steel wall protection skirting board.

It is hard to believe that all these features can be found in one type of product namely; MDF skirting board. They are true and what is more; the old classic styles that are a favourite have been duplicated in this material and once it is fitted you cannot tell the difference. These boards have been designed to perfection and designed to last.


If you go on the internet you will see the variety and styles that are displayed and all the customizable options that are offered to you, up to and including the final colour that you want. Lately, the water-resistant option has been implemented as well.


Everything comes with its own worries and as formaldehyde is one of the components in MDF avoid breathing in MDF dust and the skirtings need to be sealed up properly or they will well up at the first hint of moisture. And it is rather sad that it cannot be recycled but has to end up in a landfill, which is such a drawback to a great product.